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October 23, 2007

BIND's Queryperf on OS X

I've found the queryperf tool from ISC's BIND contrib package to be a pretty useful tool for testing the custom DNS servers I've been developing for Enemieslist over the past few months (with help from Matt Sergeant and Brent Verner); the problem is, it doesn't compile out of the tarball on OS X Tiger, because of a problem with BIND 8 compatibility. The fix is to define BIND_8_COMPAT in the Makefile generated by configure. Just slap


on the end of the DEFS line, and voila.

October 18, 2007

Oh, hell yes.

If you'll pardon the term, that is.

October 11, 2007

The Valley of the Shadow of Death Time Shares

Have you been reading the posts Errol Morris has been making in his blog on the NYT, regarding a couple of photographs of the Crimean war?

(if not, read part one first, then part two.) From part two, though, which I thought was probably worth sharing:

[3] I had tried to convince Julia, my wife, to come with me to the Crimea. My first argument was that it would give her an opportunity not only to read the 23rd Psalm, but to see the 23rd Psalm. Then I suggested that it was an opportunity to experience the 23rd Psalm. And while I didn't have a chance to make the argument before I went there, it turns out that there a parts of the Valley of the Shadow of Death that are for sale, and there was an opportunity not to just to see and experience the 23rd Psalm but to own it. Who could resist? I started to think about the possibility of Valley of the Shadow of Death Time Shares. What a fantastic place for a nursing home!

October 9, 2007

Good times

So, I was digging around in my filesystem on the laptop here yesterday, and stumbled upon some scary artifacts of the days when I was a bit more, um, active as a blogger (before anyone knew to call it that) and had lots of fun with an ad banner rotator I wrote; I asked some friends to submit banners for their sites and built some banners for them to stick on their sites, too. I still like the "negative forces have value" tagline. I'd completely forgotten about that. How young and brash we were, how utterly convinced that we were pioneers.

The "Boring Gallery" was this collection of Web sites that had the then-standard "colored bar down left side of screen and white content area" design. Sadly, or not, it's still there, in all its boring glory. For a while, searching on my name returned this page as the first result on Lycos/AltaVista/HotBot/whatever search engine was popular in 1997...

It's amusing to poke through some of those I didn't (and won't) upload; apparently, back then, I considered O'Reilly and Associates, Argus Associates (Lou Rosenfeld did an interview for the site), Perl, Java and the Onion worthy of free advertising on my site, along with hesketh.com and the now-defunct Digital Aspect (where I worked as a consultant for a year after leaving imonics) and Integrated Technical Services, a good chunk of the old imonics IT group (with whom we shared an office).


Oh, and to clear up any confusion: the big turd on the modem (yes, a 33.6Kbps US Robotics Sportster - the original animation I did as a "splash page" - remember those? actually had lights that lit up more or less the same way they did on the modem, and in the right order, for a dialup session) is a Buddha, in a position of extreme contemplation. I forget where I got it, but you could still get them (in albeit smaller version) from the Wireless catalog NPR puts out as of ten years ago or so. His head is in his lap. I used to call it the "anxiety Buddha", because he didn't seem too calm to me.

October 8, 2007


I finally got around to fixing the Movable Type config on this site, after months of more important stuff to deal with; hopefully, this will mean both that I will start posting more again, and that when I do so it will actually publish said posts in the right places, so the permalinks work again.