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More tab-clearing, this time it's calendar apps. Seems that Joyent is well-liked by those who use it; quite a list of all-stars they have on staff.

Google just announced Google Calendar, but they don't officially support Safari yet, which is a (not unexpected) bummer. Come on, Google, take some of that GM-surpassing market capital and hire some frickin' cross-platform Web people already. And buy a few Macs to go along with the Windows boxes. It's 2006, for chrissakes.

Some comments on Google Calendar:

  • doesn't work in Safari, URL for subscribing to an iCal calendar uses high-bit ASCII (!) in the URL
  • Safari URL doesn't work in iCal, which defeats the purpose of using iCal format, doesn't it?
  • I can't see a way to set when a day begins - I don't think it's necessary to show me 12am- when my workday doesn't start until 9AM at best
  • okay, it's obviously just broken in Safari; works nice in Firefox, even with iCal
  • invites seem to work; seriously, though - can't you come up with a shorter URL?
  • weird that the invite URL includes TZ info; shouldn't that be in the event instead? (try it - leave the TZ parameter off the URL, then put it back)
  • ICS file attachment in the invite works well with Mail.app
  • Um, so far I've gotten fourseventeentwenty-eight copies of the reminder message for an event, all with the same Message-Id (sigh)

More comments later as I play around with it some more.

UPDATE: The zillion copies of each email message problem seems to be because Google mail completely fails to respect my GreetPause timeout. Gmail is teh suck.