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Heather and I have been taking advantage of our local Italian market, Conti's, who sells fresh mozzarella and frozen pizza dough, and making pizza at home.

The benefits are obvious: it's a bit cheaper than ordering out, takes about the same amount of time as waiting for delivery, or faster if we don't do fancy stuff like grilled chicken sausage, etc. for toppings. And we're shooting for the goal of reproducing a "white pizza" we used to get when we were in Syracuse, about which more later.

This weekend, it was grilled chicken sausage, feta and broccoli:

A couple weekends ago, it was proscuttio and ricotta:

The dough is best suited to thin crust style, which is fine. Anyway, yum! (Note: these pics are of the pre-oven pizzas, "cooked" pics are up on my Flickr photostream.)