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A couple of useful Web design and browser resources

Optimizing Firefox looks useful; I'm still using Safari, though I've been looking at Camino. Firefox has some very cool extensions, though the sort of work I do lately doesn't really demand them often. And I still think Firefox feels clunky. I do everything by finger memory, I can't touch type, and switching from Safari to Firefox is awkward for me. If they could fix one thing to get me to switch, it'd be the way Firefox doesn't know how to strip embedded linefeeds from a cut-and-pasted URL. I get many of my links from mutt running in a Terminal window, and that Firefox can't tell the difference between




is pathetic. Anyway. Maybe Camino will suck less.

Also, Cameron Olthius' 75 Helpful Web Design Resources page also looks useful, even though he doesn't list webdesign-l or css-d.