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Extending Movable Type

Been looking at extending Movable Type, and so here are some links to resources:

Basically, I've got a couple easy hacks I need to do:

  1. post to my enemieslist antispam package blog via email
  2. get a list of popular posts by visit, not by comment/trackback activity

I've tried a couple of older MT post-by-email packages, and they both pretty much sucked for my purposes. And I know there is a plugin for active recent blog posts, but that's just comments (which I don't allow) and trackbacks (which I haven't bothered with yet).

Also, I'd love to be able to open up comments, but shudder and sweat when I think about the idea of deliberately opening up yet another vector for spammers to abuse without good reason and thoughtful and thorough security in place. And from what I've seen, thorough isn't a word I'd use to describe blog commenting security.