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Things about MacOS X that just piss me off

Some folks seem to have the misapprehension that I'm a purblind Mac bigot whose loyalties prevent him from seeing the truth behind how the Mac as a hardware and software platform has many, sometimes incredibly aggravating, flaws. Well, in the interest of clearing that up, here's my current list of things about OS X that, put simply, piss me off no end. I'll keep it updated.

  1. Safari: I'm typing this in a G4-optimized DeerPark build (thanks, Neil!) because Safari seems to think it's a beach ball advertisement most of the time, and I got sick of waiting for it to return control to me
  2. the Keychain: or maybe just integration with the keychain. I have two wireless networks that I use often; home and work. I've set them both in the keychain as "allow all applications to access this item", but I continue to get prompted for passwords. I have a Web site I use that has a custom cert, which I've marked as "always trust" in keychain, but Safari still prompts me whenever I hit the site. Keychain is simply broken. Just because I've locked the Keychain doesn't mean it should ignore my override settings.
  3. Virtual memory: Um, perhaps certain applications could be persuaded to give some of it back when you quit them. I'm looking at 2GB worth of swap files here, even after quitting Safari. Granted, it's been a few days since I rebooted, but I'm using a Mac, not a flippin' Windows machine.
  4. Firefox: when you select a URL from the location field in Firefox, and copy/paste it into another app, then switch back, even clicking on the page doesn't return scrolling control to the page, it just keeps pulling down the location field "matches" dropdown. You have to double-click to get scrolling via arrow keys back. Annoying.