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Some more links from my Safari tabs. sshdfilter is a port-knocking solution for SSH security. I've pretty much just locked down my ssh inbound to certain IPs using iptables, but this looks interesting. This article on a similar topic is worth reading, too, as is this set of SSH tricks. I should also read performance tuning mysql for load, to see how bad my tuning approach is.

Seems the W3C is doing something about dynamic multi-column text layouts in CSS. Wonder how many years it will be before we can actually use it? The basic journey of a packet is worth reading again, as is packet school 101. I'm curious to see how ActiveCollab does, but not curious enough to try it ourselves. PHP makes me queasy. 20 years of PC viruses is a collection of articles, also worth a deeper look.

Finally, this chardonnay from New Zealand's only Maori-owned winery is what we were served at Kai in the City when we were in NZ; we're trying to locate some locally. And this Gosling Family Reserve Old Rum is fantastic - real sipping rum of the sort I imagine my Look family relatives loading off the pier back in the day.