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LotR music

Heather and I went to see the North Carolina Symphony play music from Lord of the Rings (the trilogy) last night at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, thanks to our friends Craig and Diana, who had extra tickets. It was miserably hot, but no bugs, and the wine and grapes and bread et al. took the edge off a bit. One funny story: when we arrived at Craig and Diana's, they were just opening some champagne; apparently, for their recent anniversay they'd ordered two cases, not knowing there were fifteen bottles in a case of champagne. I thought a moment and said, "ah! a drinker's dozen" to much merriment all around. A good time, despite the heat. They played video of original storyboards behind the symphony and chorale, so you could sort of keep up with the story as the music played. Funny how much more you notice about music when it's not just the background to stunning visuals and involved plot.